Home Renovations and Home Additions in Charleston, SC

Home Renovations and Remodels

Home Renovations can be among the biggest --and most rewarding-- challenges in the realm of home building. At Kelly Builders Carolina, our commitment to responsible house building practices means that we encourage our clients to consider home renovations and house remodels as the most eco-friendly way to improve and enhance their existing home.

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that with care and forethought, much of what other home builders may throw into a dumpster can be re-used or re-purposed in their own renovation project. We also have a network of salvage professionals who are skilled at removing and re-purposing everything from kitchen cabinets to plumbing fixtures in order to further minimize our footprint on local landfills.

At Kelly Builders Carolina, with our extensive experience and continued dedication to green building, we can breathe new life into an existing structure, no matter the current condition of the home.

Custom Home Additions

Successful home additions require building within an existing framework, which takes finesse and an eye for harmony and cohesion. Kelly Builders Carolina has amassed an impressive home addition portfolio of custom additions, and this experience is exceptionally valuable to our clients.

Whether the home addition in question is a nod to your home's history, or a springboard to completely change the look and configuration of your residence, both new and old need to flow together seamlessly. Our extensive experience allows us to tap into all available resources and to ensure your addition is a unique, beautifully integrated part of your home.


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