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Bea's Nest

A quintessential beach cottage located on Isle of Palms in South Carlolina.

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This fabulous property was once owned by Beatrice Witte Ravenel (1870-1956), a critically-acclaimed American author of fiction and poetry.Mrs. Ravenel's book The arrow of Lighting was published in 1926. Her second book, The Yemassee Lands: Poems of Beatrice Ravenel, was published posthumously in 1969.


Built in 1914, it is among the oldest structures remaining on Isle of Palms, having endured both natural disasters and modern development. In 2006, Kelly Builders Carolina acquired the vintage cottage and began its masterful transformation.

The existing structure has been completely rebuilt using all modern and "green" building techniques possible.  The detached garage has been recycled and moved from the Atlanticville Historic District on Sullivan's Island.  Both the house and the garage have been restored using materials from the original structures including paneling, flooring, and interior doors.  The house has been super insulated with foam insulation to lower the cost of heating and cooling and to conserve energy and our environment.  Heated stone floors have been installed in the kitchen and master bath for radiant heat in the colder months to further conserve energy and to provide luxuriously warm floors.  There is no ceramic tile in the house - all stone floors and baths are either natural slate, glass or travertine.  The original wood walls in the house have been restored and painted - and where new wood walls were required, they have been matched to the original.

The new house has 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths. The carriage apartment has 3 bedrooms (one is a pass-through so we don't count it on our rental advertisements), a kitchenette and a full bath with a glass tiled mosaic shower, double vanities, and laundry facilities.


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